Our Mission

To provide the most advance affordable IT Solutions for business.

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Our Team

We have always belived that it is people who drive a business and not the other way around.

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Our Vision

To develop a sustainable information technology infrastructure.

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Our Services

With its vast experience in the field of IT services, TEPL has adapted itself successfully to technological advancements.

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Authorised Dealer

Acer Computers

Server Implementation

Windows/Linux Server

Our Solution


A major part of the IT budget and manpower is spent in procuring and maintaining client computing and devices of large enterprises and SMEs.


Planning a scalable server and storage solution for applications like ERP, CRM, E-commerce, messaging and other business vertical application is a key to success of these applications.


Today Enterprises are experiencing a rising deluge of network traffic, which is overwhelming the typical network connections.


TEPL offers a complete range of connectivity system integration solutions/services such as High Speed Internet, Bandwidth on Demand, IP VPN, Data Storage & Security.

Our Clients